Saturday, August 6, 2011


by Aziza Uko

Speaking with many people, online and in real life, it is becoming apparent to me how deep the twin trick of the enemy has taken root in the Christian community.

Spirit husband or spirit wife? Ever heard of it? Most Nigerian Christians have. I am thinking now that all people exposed to Pentecostal/evangelical messages from Nigeria have heard this taught or mentioned or “testified” about.

I am beginning to think that this trick of the enemy is the leading cause of separation, divorce, and delayed marriage in the body of Christ where this fable is taught. Yes, it is a fable.

Many people teach about spirit husband and wife. They teach that when a woman or man has such a spirit that the person will not succeed in marriage in real life. But they are all in error. It's a trick of the devil. There's no scriptural basis for such a teaching. There's no such thing in the Bible. Demons don't have sex. The spirit husband/wife teaching is a complete make-believe story – from the start of it to its end, there is no truth to it.

Why? Spirits don’t marry. Jesus Christ said so. Since there is no such thing as spirit wife or spirit husband, there is therefore no such thing as spirit children. Spirits don’t have sex. God created sex for procreation – “multiply and fill the earth” – sex is an earthly activity. Spirits don’t procreate.

Marriage was created in the Garden of Eden for man and woman – human beings. Before Adam found Eve, there was no marriage in creation. So angels who predate man don’t marry.

You can’t be married to someone without knowing it. There is no way you can be married to a demon. Just no way!

But, we hear stories of people saying they had it and testifying of being delivered of it?
People make up stories and relay them to other people. It’s a game of the mind. If a person that one thinks is a man of God tells him consistently that he has a spirit wife. And the man of God in question comes across as one who has deep spiritual insights, and the person believes that he has a spirit wife. Then, symptoms of those who have spirit wife according to what he has been taught would become more prominent in his mind. And because he believes there is something like spirit wife and that he has it, he will begin to think on those things and then create those things in his life. So if that person is taken through a series of activities called “deliverance” and the person is then told that he has been delivered that the spirit wife has left him. The symptoms may cease and then he would testify of being delivered.

Then why do people have sex in the dream and sometimes they wake up with “evidence” of sex on them?
An understanding of what a dream is would explain why such things happen. Check out the “Trick of Dreams" teaching by Pastor Chris Ojigbani.

Those physical manifestations are body fluids of the dreamer. A demon cannot be touched or felt as such a demon cannot have sex. Demons don't have physical bodies. Demons are fallen angels. Jesus Christ said that angels don't marry.

People could have sex in the dream because:

1. They think about sex before they go to bed;
2. They fill their thoughts with sex during the day or they have strong desires for a loved one whom they have not seen for some time;
3. They watched a film of people being intimate;
4. They have abstained from sex for a long time;
5. They saw someone they are attracted to and began to desire the person;
6. MOST PRIME - They heard that they have spirit husband or wife and because the teacher of this fairly tale story told them that someone who has spirit husband or wife is visited in the dream for sex by the spirit.

It’s a two-fold problem. The second aspect of it is the trick of deliverance. Because spirit husband or spirit wife is a demon. The person is told that he or she needs deliverance and taken through a series of activities for this deliverance. This fable sends Christians out on wild goose chase seeking to be delivered from something that does not exist.

This is not a joking matter. I know many people that have sown wedding gowns and bought wedding bands to return to the spirit husband and taken through series of useless events including bathing in a river in the name of divorcing from spirit husband. People have done 21 days dry fasting to obtain a divorce from the spirit husband or wife. A lady told me of undergoing “deliverance from spirit husband” a good 16 times before she could marry. The devil is so wicked.

There are some deliverance merchants out there who specialize in diagnosing spirit husbands and wives. “I don’t feel love for my husband anymore.” “You have spirit husband.” “Nobody proposes marriage to me.” “You have spirit husband.” “My husband is having an affair.” “You have spirit husband.” “My husband’s business is not working out.” “You have spirit husband.” “Everywhere I go, people hate me.” “You have spirit husband.” “I need a baby.” “You have spirit husband.” There’s no end to it. Every challenge of human life is met with a spirit husband answer from these people.

Christians don’t need deliverance. It is a trick of the devil. Demons don’t live in Christians. The Holy Spirit is in every Christian. He cannot share a house with a demon. This truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ makes nonsense of the idea of deliverance ministry. The deliverance ministry circuit is a massive fraud. No human being can deliver another human being. Jesus completed your deliverance when He died and He rose from the dead.

The enemy is a trickster. That's all he has left tricks and games. Please don’t fall prey to his tricks. Please.

What should I do now?

1. Please read these teachings on “The Trick of Dreams” and “Trick of Deliverance” both by Pastor Chris Ojigbani. Confirm from the Word of God. Internalise the truth. Let it become part of you.

2. Spread this message. Please. So many Christian are suffering needlessly because of the belief in this fable. It’s urgent. The truth must get out.

(c) 2011, Aziza Uko. This work is the original work of the author and copyrighted. It may not be reproduced in part or in whole in any form without the permission of the author and proper acknowledgement.

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  1. Thanks you sister Aziza.God bless you for this.I was wondering myself how can it be possible since i know darkness CANNOT dwell where light is.How can the holy spirit be in a person and there still be a possibilty of having spirit husband/wife.How can you belong to Jesus and He lets some demon marry you?NOT POSSIBLE.I really dont know the logic behind this for there is no such thing mentioned in the Bible either.Got me questioning my thinking,lol.but i thank God that greater is He who is in me than he who is in the World.Thanks for this post...i thought there would be more comments but i guess many would rather believe the lies of the devil because then they have an answer to why this or that happened or didnt happen.