Monday, August 1, 2011


by Aziza Uko
Following the teachings I posted on “Activating the Grace of Marriage”, I have been  instructed to clarify some issues in respect to sacrificing.

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The most important questions, I will attempt to address below.

Where and how should I sacrifice?
You sacrifice as the Holy Spirit leads you.

You can make the sacrifice out to an organization which is a church or ministry. Or you can sacrifice by sowing directly into the life of a minister. The most acceptable place is YOUR OWN CHURCH OR PASTOR. You know your church in real life. You know that it exists. You know the work it does. You know your pastor. You know his/her life. You see the grace in his/her life every day. You can be sure of what you are doing. You know your pastor is not fake and you also know that your church is not fake. Enough said!

You can also sacrifice to a minister who holds the grace that you seek. Some are well know. Some you have to discover. But to identify this grace, you need to KNOW the minister or been blessed by his or her teaching.

Though I don’t like sharing my personal testimony, I think I must share a few here. I am connected deeply to the ministry of Dr. Mike Murdoch as such I share in the grace of wisdom God has given him. There’s a pastor I know since I was a child. I saw him give his life to Jesus and grow till he received his calling. I saw him get married. I know him! I know he is for real. I heard that he wanted to buy a car. I sowed a sacrificial seed to him towards that need. I even forgot about it. It wasn’t about helping him get a car. It was about being part of God’s project that is the life of this young minister who obeyed God and went into ministry. Two years later, when I was not even expecting it. God gave me a brand new car that was beyond my income or level in life. Enough of me!

A friend of mine needed a job. Being unemployed, she was broke. But she knew this principle; she had been taught. She knew she had to part with something of value in her life to move the heavens. She took the most highly priced bundle of fabric she had. One she really valued and sowed it into the life of HER PASTOR’S WIFE. She gave it to her pastor’s wife on a Sunday. “Pastor Mary, I want to plant a seed into your life. This is it.” Pastor Mary, received it and prayed for her. Pastor Mary didn’t even know what her desire was. The next week, a powerful international corporation invited her for an interview and she got a senior management position beating out all other candidates who came in from around the world. It was a keenly contested position but she saw the same grace that Pastor Mary has in her life - a grace of achieving with ease.

What’s the common thread here? The sower knows the minister or ministry she is sowing to. The minister did not solicit for the seed. It was not given in a trade by barter fashion – sow-and-receive magic style approach.

If you have a health challenge in your life or the life of a loved one – Benny Hinn and ChrisOyakhilome carry the undeniable grace.

If you need wisdom? Dr. Mike Murdoch carries an undeniable grace.

If you need transformation, a victorious Christian life – Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Joseph Prince carry the grace.

If you are a minister and you need the grace of ministry, church growth, teaching, impact, exploits – Pastor Enoch Adeboye and Dr. David Oyedepo are men who carry the grace.

If you need a financial turnaround in your life – Kenneth Copeland, Dr. David Oyedepo carry a grace that cannot be denied.

These lists or names are not exhaustive. I just put forward these examples to show you how you should be thinking when it comes to sacrifice.

A real ministry has a physical address, the ministry is known in its locality, has a structure. Holds periodic open events where the public can attend. A church has members, real people not Facebook people with shadowy profiles. In this age, credible ministries have websites. You can search anybody and any ministry out on Google and be connected with the ministry. But always watch out for third party endorsements – sources of information on the minister other than the minister and ministry itself. If the only information you can get is from the minister’s Facebook page, blog, or website. That’s a big red flag.

If you wish to sow a sacrificial seed on an unfamiliar ground:
1. Try to know the minister and the ministry.
2. Do some research and don’t let the only source of information about the ministry or minister be the minister himself.
3. If truly one is a pastor, there would be people who know the person and can attest to the ministry of the person.

A BIG RED FLAG: By the time you are doing a background check on a minister, it’s a good sign to forget about it.

A minister who reaches out to you in person soliciting seeds or funds from you on Facebook or in real life is most likely not real. Especially when you granted no permission to be so contacted. The person behind the name you see is not a minister but a scam artist. They are the ones bringing disrepute to ministers.

Enough said!

(c) 2011, Aziza Uko. This work is the original work of the author and copyrighted. It may not be reproduced in part or in whole in any form without the permission of the author and proper acknowledgement.

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