Saturday, August 13, 2011


by Aziza Uko
Following, my message on the referenced subject, (read it here) the number one feedback, comes in the form of a question of concern.

“Aziza, if I don’t pray back-to-sender prayers, won’t my enemies get to me and how do I return any evil done to me back to the sender?”

This question is a sign of the harm that the back-to-sender doctrine has done. It has affected the mind of Christians in a negative way. Everything about the back-to-sender doctrine is devilish. Everything!

First, there are some who argue with passion that back-to-sender is a scriptural way to pray. They point to the Book of Psalms and to some of King David’s prayers. This argument may appear right. It would be right if we are followers of Moses and King David and if all we had for scriptures ended at the Book of Psalms. But we are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and the “eye-for-an-eye”/back-to-sende​r doctrine which was operational under the Law of Moses which King David operated under was specifically changed by Jesus Christ. Matthew 5:38-45. Our Lord Jesus made it clear that forgiveness and non-retaliation is what makes us children of our Heavenly Father.

It’s funny that every Christian appears to know the verses where Jesus made the change. But some wish to wish it away and practice back-to-sender prayers anyway because that’s what they feel comfortable with.

People who know the truth and decide to go the opposite direction are small people in the eyes of God. Teaching other people to do anything contrary to the Word of God is equally self demoting. Matthew 5:19

Going against the King of kings who is the WORD of God is putting oneself in harms way. Matthew 21:43-44 Such people are on the road to one day colliding with the Rock of Ages and it’s not a pleasant experience for a man’s soul. Funny, I got that phrase from a back-to-sender prayer point. :)

We aren’t playing draft/chess/checkers with God. It’s not a “God, eat this one, then I eat this one” race. Cherry picking the instructions of the LORD that we will obey and those we will argue out off obeying is unacceptable. Total obedience to God’s Word is the order for Christians.

It’s amazing that after willfully disobeying Jesus Christ, the next prayer points usually claim the promises of Deuteronomy 28:1-14 - Lord, I shall be the head and not the tail. – which incidentally are conditioned upon total obedience. “And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the LORD thy God, to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that the LORD thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth.”

There’s no need wondering why the promises of God aren’t working in the life of some Christians. It’s disobedience.

To the second part of the feedback question above: You are not to return harm or evil to anybody. You are to love all people – including those who want to hurt you. That’s what Jesus instructed. If you believe in Him and want to use His name or His blood you have got to do what He says. Christianity is not a democracy. Jesus Christ is not an elected official, He is a King and His Kingdom is above all and He rules forever with a mighty hand. It’s a command. You don’t reason or negotiate your way out of it. You just do it! John 10:27

Concerns About Protection

Our protection is God’s job and God is perfect, He also never sleeps nor slumbers. He never fails at His job. He doesn’t need any kind of reminding or any help from anybody. He doesn’t lose a battle. He always wins.

Nowadays, because of the prayer consciousness among Christians,
“Pray without ceasing” has been given a whole different meaning and used to justify endless and mindless muttering. [Read my post about how to pray here Part 1 and Part II.

Most scriptures that concern protection and rescue from harm are statements of truth but they’ve now been crafted into prayer points.

“Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm.” It’s not something to pray about or preach about. It’s something to demonstrate.

“Seeing it is a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation to them that trouble you.” It is a statement of truth. It’s not a prayer point.

Some of these protection prayers are just misunderstanding of the nature of the Word of God. There are commands, instructions, observations, simple story telling, and God’s decrees in the Bible.

God’s decrees are truth. Nobody needs to pray truth into existence. Truth is. That’s just how it is. There’s nothing anyone can do to make it better and nothing anyone can do to bend it. You just have to fall in line with the truth to succeed.

God said that “Nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Therefore nothing shall be any means hurt you. It’s that simple.

Being concerned about the evil being packaged by anybody, even the devil, against you is like being concerned about a nuclear bomb a five year old boy is making with foam and broom sticks. The bomb is a joke. It is never going to work. That’s how the machinations of your enemies are. Worthless!

It’s fear that causes people to pray back-to-sender prayers because they are concerned about evil coming their way. When a Christian comes to understand the nature of his God and the nature of His Word, and who he (the Christian) really is, fear takes flight. Knowledge drives away fear.

When you know that when God says a thing, it’s a command into creation. Everything in God’s creation including the evil uncle, or the proverbial village witch must obey. God has commanded that nothing would hurt you and that’s how it has just gotta be. There’s no option for the universe but to obey its Maker.


(c) 2011, Aziza Uko. This work is the original work of the author and copyrighted. It may not be reproduced in part or in whole in any form without the permission of the author and proper acknowledgement.


  1. Hallelujah,praise the Lord.You cant imagine how grateful i am to have found your blog.I gave my life to Christ again as a adult maybe 6 years ago.I was catholic.All what you are saying is exactly what i believe but people keep telling me its because i didnt know the Bible well or i havnt been a christian long enough thats why i im not concerned with the devil or what he is trying to do.
    Every dream you have,someone is coming for you or pray against some sort of evil.I got tired of always praying against one evil or the other so i stopped telling my dreams to the pastor.It wares you out and makes you scared about everything.I cant live like that.I choose to focus on the positive and what God said about me.The battles i let Him fight them for me.God Bless

  2. I don't disagree with BACK TO SENDER PRAYERS, THE Lord has already declared judgement to witchcraft and those who practise it are doomed.
    When you read the Bible-- Daniel's so called mates conspired against him,he was thrown in the lion's den-- you all know the story, what they planned for evil turned back to them,they were thrown in the lion's den, how about Haman???? Was he not hanged in his own gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai, was not his family who were innocent suffer too.
    We are not praying against christians but against unseen forces just like Paul said in Eph--- check it out yoursef. Am tired about so called christians who want everything on a silver platter,open your Bible and read it,you'll know where the above stories are,that's WHY, i havn't given any scriptures.
    Anyway,like i said, we aint fighting flesh and blood but invisible forces without bodies and we have to fight against human agents who have agreed to be used by satan to frustrate other people,well if you agree to fight me, i will deal with the evil power working in you because i know it is not YOU.
    I have few testimonies, i have had work mates or family, in laws try a few stuff,but believe me you, you don't let them bother you, go in your closet and bind the evil spirit working behind the scene, have done even in husbands life LOL and children,i just pray even under my breath,SATAN, i know you,get behind me now in JESUS NAME or I BIND YOU EVIL SPIRIT, that is not my husband, child or boss talking, listen yall, it works.
    Don't go sending fire and firing blanks bullets.
    Godbless yall.

  3. 3. Case Study – David and Back to sender prayers
    We must are aware of David's Psalms when it comes to spiritual warfare and yet God said he was a man after his heart. So, going by your assessment of what you think the back and sender prayers are, will a person who is engaged in "occult stunts" be a man after God's heart?

    Let's look at some of these Psalms...

    Ps 35:1-3 A Psalm of David. Contend, O LORD, with those who contend with me; Fight against those who fight against me. 2Take hold of buckler and shield And rise up for my help. 3Draw also the spear and the battle-axe to meet those who pursue me
    We may say that David here is calling on God to rise to His defence and that is true but in the context of "back to sender" see what he says in the following verses
    Ps 35:4-6 - Let those be ashamed and dishonored who seek my life; Let those be turned back and humiliated who devise evil against me Let their way be dark and slippery, With the angel of the LORD pursuing them.…

    We may say here that but David is not blessing his enemies. True, but this is the context...these enemies here were after David's life. What Jesus and Paul said was bless those who persecute and mistreat us. So for this, here is an example of how Jesus responded to the religious leaders in His time that the bible says were out to kill Jesus (Matthew 12:14 - But the Pharisees went out and plotted how they might kill Jesus.)He didn't bless them but cursed them...Luke 11:52 "Woe to you lawyers!

    Continuing with David's prayer in Ps 35, see what he says in verse 7: For without cause they hid their net for me; Without cause they dug a pit for my soul.

    Let’s look at his response to such evil

    8Let destruction come upon him unawares, And let the net which he hid catch himself; Into that very destruction let him fall.…--this is an example of a biblical reference to back to sender coming from a man after God's heart.

    Let us look at another example in Ps 7. Verse 9 says Oh let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end; but establish the just. Verses 15-16 says, He made a pit, and digged it, and is fallen into the ditch which he made.16His mischief shall return upon his own head, and his violent dealing shall come down upon his own pate...this is another classical example of back to sender prayers coming from a man after God's heart.

    Let's digress a bit.. let's compare this principle of warfare to some other parts of the Bible making particular references to what God says

    Is. 54:15 - Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake

    Is. 54:17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.

    Looking at verse 17, is it then surprising that the same Jesus that said we should bless those who persecute us condemned the Pharisees by saying Woe unto you? Why, they were out to kill him, they were also misleading other people in their doctrine, which meant leading them to hell