Friday, August 12, 2011


by Aziza Uko

Men, this one’s for you.

A lot of you ignore Christian programmes centered on marriage because you think they are for the ladies. That’s understandable. Much of the communication coming from the singles and married circuit is directed at the ladies, in some churches the ministry has all but been relegated to the women’s ministry or the ministry of the pastor’s wife. It shouldn’t be so. This is a very powerful ministry which holds the key to the prosperity of the Body of Christ. It’s not a mere home economics or home keeping club.

Men are the leaders of the family and if the leadership stinks, the rest of the house is going to suffer. So, as a matter of priority, men should be interested in the Creator’s principles of marriage. By now, it should be obvious that it doesn’t begin and end with “husband love your wife and wife be submissive to your husband”. There’s more.

Many men have been influenced by cultural thinking to believe that the success of a marriage depends on a woman. “It’s the woman that makes a home,” they say. For this reason many brothers are finding it difficult to make a choice and get married because they think that you have to marry someone who will make your marriage work. But this is the truth - the success of your marriage depends on you not on your wife nor her mother. On YOU!

Many men are are educated, have good careers and are comfortable, but find it difficult to marry. Why? They are suffering from the same thing that afflicts young ladies and delays their marriages. Ignorance!

Ignorance doesn’t discriminate along gender lines or race or religion. Ignorance destroys anybody it afflicts. Hosea 4:6 says that God’s own people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

From my experiences inviting brothers for Pastor Chris Ojigbani’s programmes, at the first instance they tend to feel the programme is for ladies. A brother who was 38 years at the time (now 39) and still finding it difficult to get anybody to accept his marriage proposal told me, “I thought Pastor Chris’ ministry is for those finding it difficult to get married.” Really? This is a guy who has been trying to get married for more than a decade without success. But because he believes the fallacy that “a man can get married any day he wishes” he is wallowing in the misery of being single and he still doesn’t think he needs help.

At the Abuja event held in June this year, three brothers shared testimonies of being empowered to marry after encountering the right knowledge at the marriage seminar with Pastor Chris. One of them said he wasn’t thinking about getting married, he thought he was too young though he was doing well at work and making a lot of money. Another said he was in a relationship but thought he was not financially okay to get married. Another said he just broke up with his girlfriend of five years and at 35, he was beginning to think that maybe marriage is not for him. All three of them said they were empowered to locate their spouse and get married within a year through the teaching they received at the seminars with Pastor Chris Ojigbani.

Marriage is very important to a man. If it weren’t God would not have identified the problem for Adam. Marriage gives you a help meet, a constant companion, a partner with whom you can build your life. Some brothers are ignorantly hunting for who will love them “unconditionally” outside marriage. There is no such thing to be found. Get married and you will begin to enjoy true love.

One of the most important things a man needs to succeed is favour. God promises favour to anybody who finds a wife. So, for many who yearn for this favour, they are however stranded in the search for a wife because of ignorance of the principles of God concerning how to locate your wife. This seminar will help you. Pastor Chris has experienced this crisis of locating his right spouse for years, till he met with the right knowledge and got married in 21 days of locating his right spouse. So he knows what you are feeling and he knows how to get out of it.

A single brother testified that on hearing Pastor Chris’ teaching on sex, he was liberated from a life of sexual sin which was threatening to drown him. It is not God’s will for brothers to be moving from lady to lady, selling off their life, their destiny, their wealth, and position in life along the way. Pastor Chris Ojigbani exposes the right principles of God concerning sex. Many brothers want to be wealthy. This is the secret.

“But, I watch Pastor Chris on TV and see that most the audience is female,” a brother has told me. That is because of wrong thinking. You see, the principles of marriage are universal. The marriage institution came about as a result of a need that God saw in the life of Adam (not Eve). So, one can say that marriage was created for Adam to make life easier for him. Yet, many brothers think they are doing the lady they marry a favour. Not so.

It’s an upside down thinking which has led to the upside down world we live. This has to be corrected.

Brothers, it’s time to stop masking your fears and difficulties under your masculinity. There’s no more time left to waste. You need to get married and enjoy your marriage. If you are married and facing difficulties, you need to enjoy your marriage. If you are enjoying your marriage, you need to be empowered to enjoy it even more. Get up and connect with the right knowledge that will empower you to be victorious in this area of your life. The right knowledge is the key.

Financial miracles, healing miracles, restoration miracles, family reconciliation, rescue from destruction – are all recorded at these seminars. This is not surprising because the same WORD is what we need to succeed in every area of our lives.

Pastor Chris Ojigbani is holding a powerful marriage seminar at Eko Hotel Expo Centre tomorrow and next tomorrow, August 13 @ 12 noon and August 14 @ 2 pm. Please be there. Go with your buddies! The Lord is ready to grant all the secret petitions of your heart.

Also get some of Pastor Chris Ojigbani’s messages – Trick of Right Spouse, Trick of Love, Who is Compatible with Me, Trick of Soul Mate, Power of Sex, The Secret of Sex, The Ultimate Marriage, What Makes a Marriage Successful, and so many others; and his books too. You will treasure your investment in these materials. Your life will change dramatically, there’s no doubt about it.

(c) 2011, Aziza Uko. This work is the original work of the author and copyrighted. It may not be reproduced in part or in whole in any form without the permission of the author and proper acknowledgement.

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