Saturday, July 23, 2011


by Aziza Uko

“AZIZA, PLEASE I noticed that you are always correcting one thing or the other. Why? Why don’t you just leave the other teaching alone and just teach the correct one because it seems to cause trouble on the forum? I like your teaching by the way and I think you have the right word, it is working in my life, but I don’t like the way some people react to your message, sometimes, they even insult you, at the end, Pst Benson will tell them that you are correct. Just today, one guy said you should stop teaching heresies, when you asked him to show his own idea from the Bible, he ran away. Funny. Tomorrow, you will start a new teaching; the same people will come and insult you again. Maybe you should just leave the other teaching that is not good and face the one you know that is good. I love your teaching. I want you to mentor me. God bless you. Sister Mfon Eno (not real name)”

Yes, I agree that I am constantly correcting wrong teaching or beliefs. There is no area of Christianity which has been has flooded with wrong teaching or twisted interpretation of the Word of God as much as marriage. This work doesn’t come to me by chance, I have a deep compassion for Christian suffering in this area of life. This led me on a journey of deep discoveries in the Word of God which liberated me, and the right thing to do is to share with others, the things I have discovered. My pastor and mentor was called by God to correct wrong teachings in the area of marriage. There is nothing I can do about.

DANGERS OF WRONG BELIEF AND TEACHING: An entire generation of people can be led astray by a wrong teaching, a wrong assumption, or a faulty conclusion. The only reason why Christians suffer affliction is ignorance and ignorance comes in two forms - outright lack of knowledge or wrong knowledge. The devil has been working overtime in the area of marriage to deceive people turning God's Word upside down and in so doing he has plagued marriages in Christianity.

Many Christians are suffering untold hardship because of their struggles in the area of marriage. My compassion for them would not permit me to keep quiet while wrong teaching spreads under my watch. I would rather I be called names but my brothers and sisters suffering under ignorance are liberated than be seen as a "good person" and they continue to suffer.

People have said worse things to my mentors. They've gone on TV and burnt their books. They hated to hear the truth from our Saviour till they killed him. So, that doesn't bother me.

We have to rise against falsehood. But don’t attack the preacher. Correct the message. We have to teach the truth repeatedly till Jesus comes.

If a teaching sounds strange to you or challenges everything you have ever believed, the best thing to do as an educated person is to extract the teaching and examine it dispassionately in light of the Word of God. If you spot an error, point it out. If you need clarification, please ask. But, please refrain from attacking a teaching just for the sake of it.

There are so many people who need the truth of God in this area of their lives and it doesn't help them when people who seem to be okay are putting up arguments just for the sake of it.

There are actually so many wrong teachings spreading around in the area of marriage. Many of the wrong teachings are very popular and repeated by respected Christian leaders, ignorantly.

A human being cannot know more than God. Everything God does is perfect. His Word is perfect. There's no other story we need. So, Christians should accept God’s Word the way it is. The gospel is simple. Very simple! There’s nothing complex or complicated about the gospels.

Some have asked, “If it is ignorance, why would God not correct the individual by Himself.”
God is not a time waster or a jobless God. If He has written something down for us and that knowledge is available in the scripture, there's no need for Him to keep on revealing and revealing the same thing in the Word of God. If the Bible in your hand contains the instructions of God, He’s not going to open up the clouds and speak to you with a loud voice on the same issues. Study! Study! Study to show yourself approved. Don’t study with preconceived notions. Clear your mind and be open to receive from God.

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