Friday, July 29, 2011


by Aziza Uko

THE SCRIPTURE SHOULD be the final authority for any doctrine or belief by a Christian. There are some who teach that God will “reveal” or choose a wife or husband for a Christian. That doesn’t happen. There are no scriptural verses to support such a teaching.

Again there are those who testify of being told who their wife or husband is, some say they were given a name, some say God described her, some say that God revealed to their pastor, God revealed in a dream, and so many other such testimonies. Personal testimonies are just that; personal testimonies. We don't base our faith and doctrines on personal testimonies. Sometimes, people mis-communicate. We base our doctrines on the Word of God.

A close examination of the Word of God reveals that the right of choice rests with the individual. God did not choose Eve for Adam. Adam choose Eve by himself from an impressive of variety of options. There is no Bible story that points to God choosing a wife for a man. The right of choice lies with you.

God, however, has commanded that His children marry from His family. After that, “let them marry who they like”. Marry a Christian whom you like. That’s the Word of God.

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing.” A man has got to find his wife. God will not find a wife for you. You do the finding, God releases the favour.

“The steps of the righteous are directed by the LORD.” God will create an encounter for you, but He will not choose anyone for you. When you make a right choice, you will have peace in your heart concerning it.

"Can God ever stop his child from marrying his (the child's choice) for any reason?" God doesn't stop anybody from obeying His instructions. If a Christian makes a choice in line with the God's directive, God will not stop the person. If God promises a reward for anybody who finds a wife, [God motivates His children to marry by promising them a reward], why would He stop them from marrying?

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