Friday, July 29, 2011


GOD, OUR MAKER said "it is not good for man to be alone." If God said something is not good, it therefore means it is not good. There’s no other Word. It is not good. God’s Word can never change. For political correctness, preachers are forced to say that there’s nothing wrong in being single. But, what does God say? Who's word will you believe?

It is popular teaching that you can be okay when you are single as long as you use your singlehood to serve God. It's not correct. Such a teaching is not from God. Married people serve God too. There is no place where God said that married people serve Him less than single people. If God says something is not good, how can a man be countering God's word that it is good?

Being single is not a curse. Everybody is born single. However, embracing singlehood is a journey down desperation and sadness. That's the truth. That's why anybody who says "Being single is awesome has a "but" coming up later in his story."

It doesn't mean that if you have come of age and you are still single you are cursed or anything of the sort, it just means that if you desire to marry, it is healthy and taking steps to get married without delay is a wise move.

The only answer to the kind of loneliness that yearns for a companion of the opposite sex is marriage. No amount of consolation or diversionary tactics will work. All efforts to cure loneliness beside marriage offers temporary reprieve. The cure to singleness is marriage. I am not saying this to make anybody unhappy but to open your eyes to the reality of God's word.

Man cannot be wiser than God. The cure for loneliness (being alone) is not reading the Bible and worshipping God, it is getting married. "It is not good for man to be alone, let Us make an helpmeet for him." God could have said, “Let us give him the Bible to read.” When God made that statement about Adam, Adam walked with God and was visited by God every day. He saw God face to face. Yet, God still said it is not good that Adam was alone.

All the said "joys" of singleness are also available to married people. People often point to texts by Apostle Paul to praise singleness. It's a grave error because Apostle Paul said at the opening and repeated again at the closing of that text that he was speaking for himself not God. So, those verses are not the word of God but Apostle Paul's own personal philosophy.

So, stop trying to manage loneliness. It will not work. Get married. If you are interested, keep watching this space, the knowledge exposed here will empower you to get married without any delay. Your eyes and mind will be opened to the power God has placed in you and you will learn how to activate it. Within one year of walking in this knowledge, if you so desire, you will be married.

If you desire to marry, God is not keeping you single. The devil is not keeping you single. Your ignorance is keeping you single. Free yourself from the chains that hold your mind. Walk into the liberty of the truth of God’s Word. You have control over to whom and when you get married. The WORD OF GOD works 100% of the time. Contact the right knowledge. Don't join people to question the Word of God. Embrace it. Do it and it will work for you.

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