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by Aziza Uko

With the plethora of materials on marriage. It is easy to get carried away and forget that marriage has a beginning and that story is simply laid out in Genesis Chapter 2. 49 things I learned from the close of examination of Genesis Chapter 2 which contains the story of Adam and Eve and it holds the answers to the questions most people often have about marriage e.g. Do I choose my spouse or does God choose for me? What is marriage? Why should I get married? Is it important to be married? What is the role of my spouse in my life? It is interesting to also note that when Jesus Christ came to the earth, He said concerning marriage and divorce, "In the beginning it was not so, ..." then He changed the law of Moses which permitted divorce and established the original order of things. What is that beginning Jesus spoke about? Read on.

1. God created the heavens and the earth and everything in them was complete. God is a finisher. He doesn’t leave anything unfinished.

2. God took a rest on the seventh day after He had finished creation. He blessed the seventh day and declared it holy.

3. God wants us to be like Him and do what He does so He commanded Moses in the Ten Commandments the keeping with His seventh day ordinance, we are to rest and keep the seventh day holy.

4. A further lesson is that a planned, periodic rest is necessary from our work that we do. Another is that we must not leave projects unfinished and embark on a rest period.

5. God created the plants before he created man. God created food for the man before he made him.

6. So, God always prepares a place ahead of us. He will never take us to place where He had not first prepared for us.

7. If God can create the entire universe, establish order, keep everything in place, and provide for everything and everybody, surely He can take care of us. He is a faithful God.

8. God formed man from the soil of the earth.

9. God breathed into man and man became a living soul. God owns the breath of life and that is the source of life. Man without the breath of life returns to dust.

10. God created the Garden of Eden for man which was filled with food for man. God provides for us.

11. God placed man in the Garden of Eden. God makes a home for us.

12. A river flowed from the land of Eden and watered the Garden of Eden. God covers every aspect of our needs. He thinks of us in advance and He truly cares about us.

13. God looked at everything that He had done and it was all good. Therefore, man and all of creation were created perfect.

14. The tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil were both placed in the centre of the Garden of Eden by God.

15. God gave man the assignment of tending, guarding, and keeping the Garden of Eden.

16. When God commissioned Adam on the assignment of tending the garden, He gave him boundaries. (v 15 – 19). When God sends us on an assignment, He always gives us instructions – do and don’ts. We must always listen to God and obey Him. Disobedience to God’s instruction, as recorded in Genesis 3, led to the fall of man and its dreadful consequences.

17. From the beginning it was never God’s intention that man be idle. Likely this extends from the nature of God Himself. The Creator works, so must man because he was created in God’s image.

18. God looked at man and said it was not good for man to be alone. Which means it is bad for man to be alone. It is not a good thing for a man or a woman to be single.

19. God decided to make a help meet for man. A help meet is a suitable complement.

20. God formed wild beasts and animals from the ground both land creatures and birds of the air and brought them to Adam to see what Adam would call them.

21. Whatever Adam called an animal that name that Adam called it became its name.

22. This serves to show that Adam had complete dominion on earth and God respected that dominion.

23. After this exercise, a help meet was not found for Adam. It means Adam did not choose a help meet from any of the creatures brought to him.

24. God caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep. Took his rib and formed the woman and brought her to Adam to see what Adam would call her.

25. This story teaches us that when God is working for us, creating for us, making a way for us, He doesn’t need our help. We could as well be asleep like Adam and God would make for us, exactly what we need.

26. This story also teaches that everything that we need to complete us, to be effective, to complete our assignment, to meet our destiny is inside of us.

27. God takes time to work in preparing what we need to complete our assignment. He could have formed Eve like the other creatures but He took his time to create Eve, even taking a piece of Adam to create her.

28. When Adam saw Eve, he declared Eve his bone and his flesh. He called her woman in reference to her origin, taken from man. Then, he later named her Eve, mother of all living after their fall. (Genesis 3 v 20)

29. God created marriage after Adam choose Eve as his help meet.

30. Marriage is God’s creation.

31. The first marriage took place immediately Adam found his wife.

32. The right of choice of who to marry is ours.

33. Eve was made from a part of Adam and on seeing Eve, Adam recognized the piece of him that was in Eve.

34. Marriage leads to complete union of man and wife. The two become one.

35. Adam and Eve were naked and they were not ashamed. Married people are not supposed to be embarrassed about their nakedness in any and every area of life.

36. We are to relate to our marriage partner as if we were "one flesh", and we are, having no secret agendas and being completely transparent.

37. Marriage is a life-long relationship which only death can separate.

38. Marriage requires a man to leave his mother and father, which indicates a separation to create his own family.

39. It also speaks of the need to break the parent-child bond upon the marriage of the child. The authority that parents have over their children is broken upon the child's marriage in order that the relationship between the husband and wife might have top priority for each of them.

40. When two people get married, they become the most important people in each other’s lives. Extended family comes after.

41. Marriage requires the man to cleave to his wife which means that he needs his wife for support.

42. A man’s assignment cannot be completed unless he is married. He needs his wife to assist him on his assignment.

43. Marriage is also for companionship. It is not good for man to be alone, indicates God acknowledging the need for man to have relationships.

44. Adam was walking with God, he had a relationship where he communed with God daily. However, God still said it was not good for the man to be alone. This means that our relationships with God and with our spouse are mutually exclusive in the sense that one does not trump the other. They can and actually run concurrently.

45. In Genesis 3, after the fall of man, the relationship between Adam and Eve started to deteriorate which indicates that our relationship with God strengthens our marriage relationship and a wounded relationship with God leads to a wounded marriage.

46. Everything is created good and remains good within God’s design. It is only when we turn away from God’s design that we fall into trouble.

47. Adam and Eve feeling no shame about their nakedness means that they enjoyed each other sexually and God blessed them. Their walk with God was not disrupted by sex.

48. Because God created sex, it is good; it is pure and should be enjoyed in marriage.

49. The command in Genesis 1 to be fruitful and multiply is fulfilled through marriage.

Actually, there are 50 things I learn, the last, God told me Himself ...

50. "I created you. You belong to Me. I am your heart keeper."

(c) 2011, Aziza Uko. This work is the original work of the author and copyrighted. It may not be reproduced in part or in whole in any form without the permission of the author and proper acknowledgement.

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