Saturday, July 30, 2011


by Aziza Uko

"AZIZA, I AM a minister of God, called of God. I have a clear mandate from God. I am a prophet and a teacher. I feel a big burden to fulfill my ministry. I know I need a wife to help me on this mission but I am being very careful. I don’t want to marry someone who will come and destroy my destiny. How do I know a woman who will work with me to build my ministry and not destroy it?” – Kenneth R. D.

You have to first understand the nature of your calling. When God calls a man, He calls Him to do a work which is part of His big agenda. So putting yourself in the centre of God’s agenda by doing what He sent you is the key to fulfilling your destiny in ministry. Obedience is the first step in this direction. If God has called you, begin to obey Him and grace will come to do the work. Remember that it is not your job, nor your work, nor your agenda. It’s God’s and He is capable of executing His plan.

In no place in the Bible did God say that the fulfillment of a divine assignment is dependent upon the person one marries. Doing so amounts to bringing God to ridicule by placing his auction at the mercy of the weakness of a human being.

When God calls a man, He releases grace to fulfill that assignment and that grace is extended to his wife, his children, and all who join hands with Him to fulfill the mandate. No human being has the power to interrupt God's agenda.

If a minister’s wife exhibits human failings in her behaviour these are the things you must note:
1. She’s human and can make mistakes.
2. The minister is not perfect either, but it pleased God to use him.
3. No other minister is perfect, yet we have ministers who are succeeding.
4. The man's ministry has not failed. What happens is that grace comes.

I know that it is a popular teaching that a people’s destiny depends on who they marry. It’s a wrong teaching that have been circulating for years in the church which has led to the current high rate of confusion in Christian marriages. So, everybody is looking out for that person who will not interfere with their glorious destiny. Many of such comments have no scripture to back them up yet people believe them to the extent of taking decisions that frustrate their lives.

TRUTH: God does not place your destiny in the hands of anybody except yourself. Your destiny is influenced by only two people - yourself and God.

The Word of God is clear on making a choice of life partner - marry a Christian whom you like. The choice is yours. Just make sure you marry from God's family. The success of your marriage depends on you ALONE and nobody else. It takes ONLY YOU to make your marriage work. It does not depend on who you marry but on what YOU DO in your marriage.

The fulfillment of your divine assignment depends on YOU and the decisions you make and the actions you take and not on anybody else. The Bible teaches responsibility. What you become and everything you need to become what you want to become is all inside of you, not outside of you.

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