Friday, July 29, 2011


by Aziza Uko

"ARE THERE ANY prayer points a believer should pray before stepping into marriage?"

The first and only prayer about marriage that was prayed in the Bible was done by Abraham's servant, Eliezer and God answered the prayer immediately. Eliezer's prayer is recorded in Genesis 24. (A chapter worth reading by those who wish to know more about marriage).

He prayed to the God of Abraham, he prayed for speed, he prayed that God would show kindness to Abraham. He asked for a sign. The Bible records that "It came to pass, before he has done speaking, that behold, Rebekah came out."

In our dispensation, we don't ask for a sign, our LORD Jesus changed that. We don't do fleecing, because we have the Holy Spirit to tell us what to do or bear witness with our spirit. When our LORD Jesus came He taught us how to pray in the verses now called "The Lord's Prayer". There is a secret of prayer. There are conditions for having all your prayers answered. But you must pray a prayer aright. (James 4 v 3 says we don't get what we asked for because we prayer amiss).

You must pray according to the Word of God. If you ask God, for instance, to do something that He does not do or that is not in line with His nature or His Word, you will never get an answer. When you understand the Word of God on prayer and God's will concerning it, you would align your prayer accordingly and therefore pray aright and the scriptures record that God answers a marriage prayer immediately.

It is proper to call on the God of Abraham. It is proper to claim the same speed that He gave Abraham's servant because you are a child of Abraham and you enjoy the same blessings. It is also proper to pray for grace, to pray for favour, to pray that He leads you, to pray for the finances to meet your marriage obligation. It is proper to pray that God would reveal to you the right knowlegde that you need to be empowered to marry.

It is proper to pray that God would lead you to His child. It is proper to pray that when you meet the person, your spirit will bear witness that you have found the one for you. It is proper to pray that He would release wisdom and grace on you both to build a home together. It is proper to pray that God would bless you marriage and enable you to work for the Kingdom.

What is most important is that you believe that you have received what you prayed for. When you are led to the right person, trust God that He did not lead you astray, and move on with your marriage plans. Don't go into another round of intense prayer and fasting - it amounts to unbelief.

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