Friday, July 29, 2011


by Aziza Uko

I WAS SO blessed this Sunday to start something I had been planning for three years. When I made contact with the first beneficiary of the idea – I smiled and remembered what my pastor said some months ago about getting started and not waiting for “the Lord’s time” because frankly that is the day of Jesus’ coming.

So, this is to encourage you to get started with whatever the LORD has impressed on your heart to do. Note that the devil cannot lay the thought to do good in your heart, to clothe and feed Jesus (as He said), to promote the Kingdom of God, to serve God and bring people to Christ. So intense “praying about it” is actually unbelief and procrastination. If you have a strong pull towards doing good or service – for many, that’s all the “hearing” you may ever get.

Is it to visit the kids that live in an orphanage that you pass everyday on the way to work and back? Don’t wait till you have a truck load of food before you make a grand entrance. Everything and everyone makes a difference. Even if it’s just doughnuts, a tray or two. Or just two loaves of bread. Or just a hug or two. Those kids are never unappreciative. No act of love goes unnoticed by the LOVE.

Let me share a little story. A group of ladies - friends and colleagues (10) - working in a top-rate bank in Nigeria started chatting online on the company intranet. Each lady had an irrepressible pull towards visiting an orphanage and giving something to the kids as individual, they discovered this unifying intention during their numerous chats. They decided to exploit their strengths. They set up a united purse. The money manager would manage the account. The administrators would co-ordinate activities. The strategists would offer direction. The communicators would ensure everybody is informed and those who earned more money would donate more than others.

They started making what you would call meager monthly dues towards this end and triple that as quarterly dues. They began visiting orphanages in Lagos and finally settled on adopting two of the homes. On one special day, a regular day to the ladies – they went on a visitation to one of the orphanages and the “mother” the lady who runs the orphanage invited them into her office – she broke down in tears, blessing them.

When she calmed down, the mother confessed that she was worried to death on how her kids were going to eat. The breakfast they had that morning was their last meal. Her cooks asked her what’s going to happen next. She said the LORD will provide. Her exterior was calm, but she was actually shaking inside as she said she called God’s integrity to work. After she had supervised their feeding, she went into her office and knelt down and asked God to touch someone’s heart to bring them food. Just as she finished, she heard the horn of the ladies’ cars at the gate. You can imagine the joy these ladies brought that day. The faith that they helped to built in this woman dedicated to service of our King.

Also imagine the flipside – imagine if these ladies hadn’t started doing something in the direction of the pull in their hearts. Yes, God would have still provided. But they would have missed the chance to be so used by God. [Something else we must note about this story is that God had answered this woman's prayer two weeks before she prayed it. The ladies start planning their visits two weeks to the actual visitation date. Who says any prayer startles God?]

Is it to write a book? Start today. Or to inspire another to be better at what they do? Start today. Has the LORD laid it in your heart to take up a position in a service in your local church? Start today. Do you want to start a prayer group? Get going. Or to use your talent to spread the message of the gospel in a unique way? There's no more time. Jesus is coming very soon. Or you’ve been meaning to visit a poor family who live in your neighbourhood? Please do it today, this evening. Or to share a sermon with someone you know needs it? Delay no longer.

Step out in boldness. God promises to be with you. Commit your ways unto the Lord and He will give you good success.

(c) 2011, Aziza Uko. This work is the original work of the author and copyrighted. It may not be reproduced in part or in whole in any form without the permission of the author and proper acknowledgement.

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