Friday, July 29, 2011


by Aziza Uko

Ever since I posted what is now the first part of this teaching on the forum, I have received a good number of private responses. Most made me laugh, but just last night the seriousness of it all hit me.

“Aziza, please don’t you think using abusive words on the devil will cause him to be angry and now target you to take you down? Why don’t you just quote the bible directly or just call him Satan because it may cause you to have more attacks than normal?”

So many Christians are scared of the devil. Many of the wrong practices like “warfare prayers”, “dangerous prayers”, “violent prayers”, “back-to-sender prayers” are inspired by fear of the devil. So, when unmasking the lies of the devil, I wanted to capture the attention of my readers, “What is this on a Christian forum? Idiot? Who?”

Secondly, I wanted to capture the attention of people who revere the devil. There are some Christians that can’t even talk about him openly. They fear to mention his name to watch this space and see that nothing happens to me after my post. I don’t die. I don’t get sick. Absolutely nothing negative happens to me – I only have glorious testimonies. So, they’ll begin to know that the devil has no power whatsoever and cannot harm anybody.

If he cannot harm me – I am not a pastor with a big church, I don’t go to the “mountain”, I live a regular life, I don’t spend hours in prayer, or weeks in fasting, I use makeup sometimes, I use artificial hair, I’m not speaking in tongues 24 hours a day, I wear trousers, I wear jeans, I wear perfumes, I like fancy stuff, I follow fashion trends, I like Lionel Richie, TuFace, Lemmy Williams, just as I like Donnie McClurkin, Third Day, and Sinach, and I watched the Transformers and liked it, I watch E! as much as I watch Inspiration TV - so I am what some conservative Christians could describe as a worldly person. This is the truth, I am a Christian so the devil can’t touch me. He CANNOT. He is under my FEET.

Jesus came to restore dominion to man. He did it perfectly. We have dominion. 100% dominion on earth. Not the devil. He is not god of any world. You are the god of your world. God gave you the earth and told you to dominate it and everything in it. As far as this earth is concerned, YOU are in charge. Not the devil. You are like God. This is not even a New Testament story. Read the story of the Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. God Himself, said, “The man has now become like one of us.” I deliberately don’t quote bible verses, I want you to find these truth for yourself because that’s when you cannot be swayed in any way. Your faith becomes unshaken and your God-nature begins to manifest.

Stop seeing the devil in everything. “Every evil bird”, “Every evil tree”, “Every evil insect”, com’on. The devil is not a creator. God made birds, all birds including the vulture and bat. God created the trees and all the insects including that Iroko tree in your village and the spider that wove the cobweb that you broke on your way to work this morning. God created the water and all the creatures in it. The Holy Spirit designed all of them. The Holy Spirit lives in you. You are a creator. You were made in the image and likeness of God. The devil wasn't. That is why when you speak, it comes to pass. When you command something to move, it HAS to move. When you bind something on earth, it HAS to be bound in heaven. This earth and all that is in it belongs to our God, your God, your Father. Not the devil.

You are a creator. The child of the Creator cannot be anything but a creator. Whatever your eyes see, that becomes your reality. Whatever you think, you bring to manifestation. Whatever you say comes to pass. The enemy knows your power, that is why he plays mind games on you so that you THINK, SEE, and SPEAK wrong things that create your own world. The more you think about him, the bigger he becomes in your world. Forget him! Think about your Heavenly Father and what He is – the bigger God becomes in your life. Whatever you think, you bring into reality because your thoughts form your confessions.

Think positively. “As a man thinks, so is he.”

If you are looking for a wife, don’t be thinking “I have to be carefulness so that you don’t marry a marine agent.” How can a son of the Most High God marry a witch? How can a carrier of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, the Power of Resurrection, and the Executioner of Creation marry a marine agent? It is not possible. Think positive thoughts and make positive confessions and only see positive things. “I am a child of a King. Lord, I want to marry, send one of your princesses my way.” When you see Christian sisters, embrace them as your family not as possible agents of the devil. Instead of seeking out who is a demonic agent, seek out who loves God, who has faith. What you seek, you find. What you ask, you receive.

Your pastor is not special. He is packed with power because of what He knows and does. If you are as consecrated as he, you will be as anointed as he is. If you have the same knowledge of God, you will manifest the same power he manifests. If you spend the same time in God’s presence, you will have the same revelation that he has. God doesn’t have favourites – His favourites are those who obey Him, who put His Word to action.

Anything you want from God is done according to the power that is in you. The Bible says that He is able to do EXCEEDINGLY, ABUNDANTLY above ALL that you COULD ASK Him ACCORDING to the POWER that WORKS in US. YOU have the power. Unleash your power.

Please read the recommended text if you have not. 1. Spiritual Warfare by Pastor Chris Ojigbani 2. Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer 3. Satan Get Lost by Dr. David Oyedepo

(c) 2011, Aziza Uko. This work is the original work of the author and copyrighted. It may not be reproduced in part or in whole in any form without the permission of the author and proper acknowledgement.

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