Saturday, July 23, 2011


by Aziza Uko

"Love and Trust Go Together." Do they, really?

Many people also teach that love and trust go hand in hand. In fact, the minds of people have been so conditioned to this effect that some people cannot imagine a situation where they would stop trusting their spouse.

The biblical truth is that love and trust do not go together. In fact they have no relationship.

God is love. Perfect love. He loves us perfectly. Yet, He does not trust us. Which means that love and trust don’t go together. It’s very simple, one would think.

Many people think love is an emotional feeling – that is emotional love. True love is a commitment of will to act in a certain way towards a person. So, you can commit to love someone but you don’t have to trust the person. This is the secret behind marriages that survive sin - adultery, lies, stealing, etc. The offended spouse doesn’t trust his or her partner but still loves him or her – despite whatever offense was committed or will be committed.

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