Friday, July 29, 2011


THE SCRIPTURE SAYS that he who finds a wife finds a good thing, not he who finds a good wife. A wife is a wife and every wife is a good thing.

It is common to hear some brothers who don’t have a mastery of their homes bemoaning their choice of wife. Some say they made a mistake, some say they married a bad wife, some said that they even married a marine agent sent to destroy their destiny.

They are all so wrong. Any wife you find, is a good thing. When a Christian marries a Christian, God releases favour and blessing. You have a role to play in applying God's Word in your marriage. God has given clear instructions on how to run your marriage for your own benefit. The application of God's Word guarantees marital bliss.

There is no perfect person. You are not perfect, your wife is not perfect, no other person you could have married is perfect. So, a human imperfection doesn't make a person a bad person.

Every good and perfect gift comes from above. Every wife is good, so every wife is a gift from above. So, it is right to thank God for giving you your wife. This doesn't mean that God makes the choice of your wife. You do.

NB – Brothers who fear getting married to a marine agent or an agent are often brothers who say they are in the “deliverance” ministry. If you keep on sniffing out demons for a living, you are going to end up in hell. Change your job description to one of unleashing the supernatural power of God and you will experience angelic experiences in your life.

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