Monday, July 25, 2011


by Aziza Uko

NOW THAT WE have established from scriptures certain truths, let’s look at some other issues.

The most honourable calling on earth is the call to ministry. A number of ministers combine their calling with a vocation or industry. Most of them don’t because the work of ministry is a full-time calling. Many people wrongly think that a minister of the gospel is a jobless man who only works on Sunday and some of them do further this wrong notion by their approach to their jobs.

The truth is different. Running a ministry is one of the most burdensome jobs on earth. A man who runs a ministry is the CEO of the ministry taking care of HR needs, financing needs, expansion needs, etc. At the same time, he is required to shepherd the flock, teach them the Word of truth and prepare them for the return of the Bridegroom. It’s not an easy job.

However, there is grace. When God calls a man, He releases grace on his life to fulfill the calling. God is also committing to paying His servants. It’s an insult to God for people to think that a minister of the gospel is jobless. Things may be tough at first, but God always come through for His servants. Just like any other vocation requires growth, a minister of the gospel grows in every respect including income and personal wealth.

I have noticed two things. Nobody hates his own pastor or criticizes his own pastor. Most people love their own pastor, worst case, they like their pastor. What people do is to attack other people’s pastors. It’s so unfair. Please don’t get involved in such mess. It profits nobody. Please.

You have seen from Part II that your pastor is a gift to you and he is given to you by God. So, if you love God, you will love your pastor. If you appreciate the work that God is using your pastor to do in your life. You will appreciate your pastor. These should come naturally.

If your pastor (or any other pastor) makes a mistake, you did not call him to ministry, you did not employ him, you did not send him to yourself – you are not the one to set him straight. Leave him alone. If you have a private line of communication with him, you may let him know how you feel. But don’t be judgmental.

There’s a blessing you can receive through your pastor. In fact there are many blessings. You can share in the grace God has given your pastor. If you sow into your pastor’s life – you receive a reward. If you pray for your pastor, you share in the blessings of heaven’s answers. If you make life easier for your pastor by taking off a burden from him and making things work around him, God takes a burden of you and makes things work for you.

(c) 2011, Aziza Uko. This work is the original work of the author and copyrighted. It may not be reproduced in part or in whole in any form without the permission of the author and proper acknowledgement.

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